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Hi people~

My name is Mika and I just recently fell into the LoZ fandom. Better late than never, right? Well, okay, I grew up playing Link to the Past and it remains one of my favorite Zelda games...but there's one important essential thing LttP lacks, and that's Sheik. A few years back, I watched one of my friends play through OoT start to finish, since I didn't have the game, and being the slash fan I am, immediately jumped on Link/Sheik or Sheik/Link or Shink or Leik or whatever other name refers to those boys being linked haha  I am so original. I was so disappointed by the Temple of Time revelation. My heart and soul were crushed. I missed Sheik. I knew Link missed Sheik. Sadness prevailed. ;______;

Sadly, I didn't really see Zelda as a *fandom* until a couple months ago after I played the game through myself...and fell in love all over again, on a much deeper level. Since then, I've been scrounging the internet for Sheik/Link goodies. Sadness still prevails as I have nothing to offer yet.

Much of my head-canon is comprised of what a lot of other, much more intelligent Sheik/Link artists/writers/fans have come up with. I'm afraid anything I could write would be either horribly cliche or just branching off someone else's theory. I still have ideas floating in my head, though~!

And, okay, about 5,000 words of cuddles and kisses that lack any coherency or originality. When it's spruced up, it'll be shared. Til then, HI. :D
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Yo! I'm new here. Just following the rules. I probably won't post much but I will comment. :)
Go Shink! ;)


Aug. 1st, 2010 01:29 am
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Introduction goes where?! )

TL;DR - Hey my name is Mizzy/LB/Pierrot! I'm excited about joining this community and posting my work!

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Hey :D New here. Figured my introductory post shoulda included a little sumthin-sumthin. I have a longer SheikXLink fic I'm prolly gonna post snippets of here, and I haz this...this prolly wouldn't have been written without a long morning ride along Kissena Blvd. to Queens College and two hours of sitting in the hair salon :D (guess thatz the price of being fabulous). Anyway:

Title: Brass In Pocket
Characters: Sheik, Link
Rating: PG-13, mostly for language.
Genre: AU (meaning modern), quasi-comedy, romance, slice 'o' life, tl;dr
Length: Oneshot, 2050 words
Summary: There's an unnameable strain to everyday life that could choke your conscience; but- some comfort can be found in touch and sound. Sometimes you are connected to other people in a real way.
Author's Note: I always see Sheik and Link as being there for each other :3


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Uh, hi guys! I guess I forgot to introduce myself. Oops.

Anyway, I'm coming out of lurk-dom to post fic! I hope you guys like it. ; ; I don't write as much as I like to, but I do try to write happy Sheik and Link fic.

Title: 10 things I hate about you
Characters: Sheik/Link, Zelda appears briefly and Midna gets a mention [sort of].
Word Count: 931
Rating: G/PG -- nothing really bad.
Spoilers: Assumes familiarity with Twilight Princess and it's characters,  but nothings really.
Author's Notes: First off, in my fanon, Sheik is in Twilight Princess, and he's A) a male, and B) secretly following Link around , we just don't know it because we never see him. Ssh, it works in my head. So yeah. Also, this list couldn't have been written if me and my friends weren't so silly when we play Zelda games. We, uh, kinda do a lot of these that're possible. =D;

10 things I hate about you

After one particularly frustrating month of following Link around, Sheik began to mentally compose a list of what exactly the hero tended to do that aggravated him so much.

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Oh, lucky day for me to find a shink comm!

I don't personally have any shink fics, but I am an avid reader and I can give some recs for good ones.
Can I? Is that okay?
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Hullo! I've been looking everywhere for a Link/Sheik community... ^-^ It makes me happy....

I should probably post SOMETHING... >>;; but my last LinkxSheik story is kinda old... on FF.Net too.

I'll come up with something good, I swear. ;.;

new member

Jul. 14th, 2008 12:14 pm
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hi ppl I'm new to  lj and i just love this pairing I was trying to find fanfic for this couple but in fanfiction they do okay stuff 
i may write some shink fanfics soon 


Jun. 26th, 2008 11:14 pm
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*frantic waves*

Hullo! It is good to be a part of this community. I really enjoyed reading and viewing everyone's work (before I got around to joining).

I have a fic, here, I just recently began. I am just going to post a link to my lj because I am technologically retarded. It is an eventual LxS (an is a completely AU post-OOT type thing). I may post some artwork I've been working on in accordance to the story tomorrow or the next day.
I hope you enjoy. It hasn't been proof-read or anything, and for that I greatly apologize!

Now, on to the Darkest of Windsongs--
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Hello! :3 My name is Kat, and I'm a long time lurker and stalker of this comm. I admittedly failed at playing OoT, and therefore had to watch my brother beat it instead, but that's fine by me, i"m in it for the story anyway ^^; I didn't want to show up empty handed so I spent a little bit doodling something completely pointless....I wish it were better, but unfortunately it turned out rather badly. I was just thinking about how disappointed I was when I found out that Sheik was actually Zelda in disguise....so...yeah....*rambles nervously*

Lets see if I can remember how to do a cut correctly.... )

Uh....I don't know if that worked or not o.0 Anyway, I was going to ink it and add more background, but...I don't really know if I should waste my time on it or not....>.> lol

Edit: in case you can't read what Link is saying, ('Cause I Sure can't) it's "Sheik is Zelda?! No Way!" :3
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Heya, all, I'm Ashe. I'm 21 and I've been a fan of this pairing for quite some time now but I've avoided writing it actually. My great fear is the characterization of both Link and Sheik, since for the most part they are ambiguous. But I'm slowly hedging into some Shink lovin' and hope to share the love when I get it done.

Intro posts are intrinsically awkward. I have nothing to offer but... um... hugs? And I suppose I could dig up some candy around here somewhere...
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Hey look, it's a noob.  In the most serious sense of the word.
Intro post?  Here we go, dont want to be a lurker....
>_>  I've been a fan of this pairing for quite a while, but I alway felt uncomfortable shipping it because I had never played Ocarina of Time until.. well.. now...
(*eye twitch* I almost have the water temple beaten).  eh heh heh HEH.
So now that I dont have the unfomfortable *wow I'm lame to be shipping this pair when I dont even know what its about* feeling, I'm here!  Yaaaaay!  -shot-

ugh.  I really hoped to have something ready to post before doing an intro, but I dont. D:  Not even scirbbles or a drabble. 
;^;  I'm working on it, though!  This wont be the last of me, I'll have more to post soon!
*waves then flees*

A comic

Mar. 28th, 2008 05:55 pm
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Hi, I'm new! I bring a silly comic with stick people.

Sheik fights a bear inside )
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Today's other intro inspired me to finally do my own, since I'm sick of lurking. D=
C'mon, other lurkers, I'm introducing myself, YOU CAN TOO~

..Since I'm way too lazy to actually TYPE an intro, I'll do this instead:
- Got into LoZ in 2005, but I've played stuff like ALttP and WW before then (didn't even touch OoT till '05)
- LoZ and Sheik/Link helped me discover fandom. So glad I did! XD
- Also inspired me to draw again. QUALITY LEVEL UP =D
- i've got some huge private photobucket album 'SheikLink' with 300+ images<3 a majority of them have been from here, though
- i don't always use proper grammar. please don't whine about me at a ranting community or anything :3


AND. Onto my first contribution to this lovely community..



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After being a lurker for a 'considerably lengthy amount of time' I've finally come up with something to share. I started this comic during my first years of drawing so you'll see a progression of quality as you advance through the pages. Don't worry, there's a surprise ending (well, maybe not so surprising considering the community i am posting too... >.>) 

I am also working on a one-shot fanfic that is going to be quite long so you can look forward to that from me. It'll probably be awhile since i am in an art college.

Oh, I also want to say that I am the type of person who will admit to a pairing being a pairing so long as there is some substantial evidence that there is something going on between them. I just want to get it out there that i am very open minded and accept things for what they are. 

page 1 --> http://joz-yyh.deviantart.com/art/Zelda-comic-28014770
page 2 --> http://joz-yyh.deviantart.com/art/Zelda-comic-page-2-30812235
page 3 --> http://joz-yyh.deviantart.com/art/zeldacomic-pg3-52847159
page 4 --> http://joz-yyh.deviantart.com/art/zeldacomicpg-4-52904896
page 5 --> http://joz-yyh.deviantart.com/art/zeldacomicfinal-52937750

Note: if you're not a member of DA the last 2 pages won't show up for you. If you want to see them then let me know and i'll post them here for you.


I've been playing Zelda ever since i was spawned from the womb. One of the biggest arugements I have had and continue to have (mostly with guy friends who hate yaoi) is over sheik's gender. Now, I understand guys hate thinking/hear/watching etc other guys together. But some of my girl friends like to believe sheik is female too. That's fine, but I do tell them that if they take time to READ THE DARN MANGA then they would know zelda COMPLETELY transformed her body into a BOY. Impa casts a magic spell on Zelda to conceal her from Ganondorf and the rest is history. Another point i put forth is that Ganondorf may be a powerhouse of testosterone, but he isn't that stupid. If sheik was serving the dark lord for 7 years don't you think he would pick up on Zelda being a woman? If he would have killed Sheik right then and there, there wouldn't have been a chance of Link of defeating him. So why would Ganon risk waiting for LInk to wake up, and gathering all 3 chosens of the triforce when he already has a total control over Hyrule to begin with? What ,he was so bored he wanted to take the risks? It just doesn't add up. Of course, SSB melee and Brawl aren't helping with thier description of shiek's trophy. They use the pronoun 'she'. I talked this over with my friends and I hear that it was simply to relieve confusion among those unfamilar with the Zelda franchise. There's also the argument of Sheik's obvious manly features, but I won't get into that.

We'll there's my rant! I feel so much better now that I could get that out! Hope you all did't mind too much! I am sure you' all have encountered a similar problem somwhere along the line.

*hugs the community and the members*

Hello all

Feb. 28th, 2008 02:11 pm
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hehe...this is my introductory post. (Post this now, without anything to say because I know I'll forget otherwise later) Ah well. Nice to meet you all and I'm so glad I found this community.

Maybe late tonight or tommorow night I'll be done with  a shink picture I've got going. Then I'll feel like my post is worth something. lol.


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