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...I have "I Want Your Sex" stuck in my head, which is the tune I typed that title to, so yeah ^^; Kaido Kio is my default user-picture, so blame that.

ANYWAY! Happy first day of spring :D (for those in the Northern Hemisphere, 'in any case' ^^;)! Since it seems like you wonderful lot want a contest (according to the poll at http://sheikxlink_fc.livejournal.com/2012/03/11 ), then there shall be a contest~ So that means we need to work things out for it.

So there shall be a 2012 Minuet of Spring contest. Physical and non-physical prises/prizes seem to be tied, so how does a choice like last time sound? [livejournal.com profile] vatelle has offered their services (and so do I), but would anyone else like to volunteer anything? Art, writing, unlimited rice pudding, et cetera, et cetera? If you would like to, just leave a comment in this post saying what :) I personally will be offering art, writing, a Shink button like last time, and/or a 2 months paid subscription for LiveJournal. Sadly doujinshi for this are too rare & expensive to offer :(

Next I would like to know if the 2009 format** was alright? 600 words or 600x600 pixels were the maximum limits. The point of that was to have a bunch of short/small entries that wouldn't be daunting, and kinda fit in with it being for spring. Would you like a different set-up? Should tge limits be higher, or lower? Should there be an added theme? Last time an entry had to be based on a song, was that alright? Here is the opportunity to let me/everyone know!!!

I would like to get everything organised within the next 2 weeks so that it could be opened around April 4TH (04-04), and run until May 5TH (05-05) if there are no objections. So please spread the word around!


** http://sheikxlink-fc.livejournal.com/95678.html <--- 2009 rules are there
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Hullo, hullo, hullo? *awkwardly tip-toes in* I have not posted here in a very long time ^^; I have had so much real-life stuff, and also I got really into "Echo Bazaar"; and in turn role-playing it. I was quite avidly playing a character named L.S. Cassius [[livejournal.com profile] ls_cassius] who was a Dangerous & Watchful little red-haired detective. I highly recommend that game, itself, in any case.

But yes, I hope that all you FANTASTIC members are doing fabulously well!!!

►Since my last post I decided on making a new rule: #6 It is preferred for LJ Archive-ing sake that people please make posts directly to the community instead of linking to another journal entry.

►Related to that: I try to every few months make a LJ Archive of this community. I haven't made one since September, so I shan't upload that to MediaFire. BUT I will make a point from now on of uploading and posting said archives.

►I REALLY need to fix/finish all that tagging that was started long ago >_>;

►(a fourth piece of Triforce???) LiveJournal had a voting for Community Owner of here when they updated how they had communities set-up. I would like to thank-you lot for voting me as said Community Owner!

►(and a fifth!) I would like to remind everyone that any content posted that is over a Teen Rating be posted as Members Only--Rule #0 after all. And also that if you wish to contact me for any reason; please go ahead! My e-mail is: ladynoremon at gmail.com


►I fixed the header image ^^; (I usually view Mobile LiveJournal with my RAZR so I did not notice it was broken :< )
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I was hoping/wondering if anyone knew where I could find a LoZ mood theme? Sheik and Link are preferable, but I'm not too alltogether picky.

Thanks x10

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I am posting to ask if anyone knows a cheap (or cost efficient) model of digital camcorder that can record AV input (like record off a TV)? That connects to a computer via USB.


Really; why you may ask?

Well I have the Sheik scenes up to the Shadow temple on tape in SP quality. Nothing beyond that yet, as I haven't been re-playing it for awhile, as I've been playing DMC1 & Ape Escape; Pumped & Primed ^^;

Also I forgot how cool the Kakariko Well scene is ^_^

--- Lady Nor


Oct. 28th, 2006 12:51 am
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So, I've got a question to ask you guys. For the past few weeks I've been scouring the net for Zelda doujinshi. Particularly doujinshi featuring Dark Link, and the pairings Link/Dark Link and Link/Sheik. If you know of any doujinshis and sites that have them available for download I would be quite pleased.

Thanks in advance!

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In the Third Age of Nintendo, Dawn had no Nintendo 64, nor a Playstation, nor was she old enough to gain money through employment. Thus, Dawn was unable to play any games on that respected system.

But lo, years later, Dawn's friend introduced her to the Gamecube, and it was good. Dawn played Super Smash Brothers Melee and, in thanks, gave her friend a subscription to Nintendo Power with the Disc of Infinite Zelda Games, and her friend was very grateful and made her play Ocarina of Time. But Dawn, unskilled in the third dimension, did not take to the game and quit before leaving the forest of Kokiri.

And lo, in college she did play in SSBM tournaments, and she did rather poorly.And lo, she studied the character choices of the champions and discarded Ness in favor of other characters, and they were good, and she won once in a while. Amongst the commonly-used characters was the legendary Princess Zelda's alter form, which Dawn knew little about. And, as this 'Sheik' was fast and Zelda was powerful, and because her friend used Link and they teamed up well, she endeavored to learn more about her. Him. Whatever. And it was good.

Dawn found upon the internet Wikipedia and manga, and learned of Sheik's talent for harp music and disguise, and in fanfiction found the common trope of seperating the Sheikah and the Princess for the sake of slash, and it was good (if confusing.) And thus Dawn was consumed with the need for more fanfic, and for three days and three nights scoured the internet in search of it, and it was (mostly) bad. But some was good, some heart-wrenchingly beautiful, some hot enough to melt iron. And that was good. And now Dawn is under attack by plot bunnies and ideas of how to get an independent Sheik without using an alternate universe, and that is good (and complex.)

And now Dawn needs to borrow that game and play it, for it is supposed to be good and she is now better at manuvering in 3D.

(...And no, I don't usually type like that. But I thought I'd try to be Original.)

Edit to Add: If I could bounce a plot idea off someone, I'd be quite grateful. :) I'm Dawnshadowrikal on both Yahoo and AIM; just mention this post if you do want to talk. Thanks.)
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I'm really, really close to finishing my AMV. I just need the cutscene after the Water Temple ^^;;. Then it will be finished! *happydance*

It would really really be appreciated if anyone can upload this. I've scoured the net and I can't find it anywhere

Oh, and I come bearing ficcage. ^^

You might want to skip over it because they're both... disturbed and um... explicit xD

Insane!ficcage )

Name: Burning
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst.
Genre: Angst
Characters: Link and Sheik
Story Summary: ... I'm as stumped as you are

Burning. That’s all that I see. Every day. Burning. My eyes burn, burn with the hate that haunts me day and night. WHY COULDN'T YOU BE MINE!? You shunned me at every opportunity and never looked me in the eyes. I saw the indifference there in your beautiful beautiful depths. All I wanted, all I needed was a few words of affection. I offered my shoulder for you to cry on, offered you a pair of warm arms to keep you safe at night. BUT YOU REJECTED ME! You ran into his arms instead! I hated you.

Those pretty blue eyes. I hate them! I hate them I love them I hate them. I want to take you in my arms and kiss your cold lips senseless, want to get rid of this aching aching loneliness! It’s driving me CRAZY! I only wanted to be held, wanted to comfort wanted to love wanted to quell this aching sense of loneliness! Please, make it go away. Please, wake up! Wake up and help me… please…. I need you….

I kiss your cold lips ravenously… Please, please wake up. I howl wordlessly. Why do I have red blood on me, why is there one of my knives that tastes like you, why won’t you wake up?! I only wanted to guide you and nonono this can’t be happening! I love you so much… I want you I need you! This never would have happened if you had just LOVED me!

Do you know how lonely I am? I haven’t touched another for so long except to hurt! I am adept to it; I was trained to it. I can kill swiftly. I can kill slowly. I can kill silently. I could kill you, kill you so that you won’t look at me with that dumb incomprehension.

I took him from you, but don’t you understand? It was so that I could be with you. I wanted… you…. Wanted to drown myself within you… I want you to call out my name, so that I could save you from the monsters of your imagination. But… you chose… him…

I cry and red stained tears fall from my cheeks. I hug you close. He was… In the way… I stroke your hair, quietly. It’s so beautiful… Almost like spun gold. You always had that effect on me. It helps. When I was scared I used to pretend that you would stroke mine, and I would nuzzle your hand and you would laugh sweetly.

But none of that will ever happen now! I sigh wearily. I just… Don’t understand. I offered you… everything… I would have done… anything… you wanted… anything.

I’ll still do anything… just please… wake up… wake up…please….

Name: I see you
Rating: Uhhh... lets go with an R... just to be safe ^.~
Warnings: Um... explictness.
Genre: Angst
Characters: Link and Sheik. And Dark Link
Story Summary: ... I'm as stumped as you are

I see you. You whisper to my pretty Hero. You hold him captive here in this beautiful prison. You kiss him possessively. Can’t you understand that he should have been mine? Mine… Mine own Hero. I hate you. You stole what could have been mine, should have been mine. What did you ever do but mock him and hurt him? What did do but offer him malice and hate? Why then, did he come back to you? Why not to me?

Isoothed him when he came out of the temples, bloody and broken. I gave him caresses and sweet words, not the glittering poison that you spew out of your vile mouth. I gave him freedom. You keep him locked up here, jealously protective of your prize. Why then, did he return to you, the one time he managed to escape? I could have spirited him away with a nut, showed him the beauty of Hyrule. I could have offered him some respite of his quest, a glowing haven among his cares and troubles. I would have given him everything. But you took him. You took everything from him. And for that I will always hate you.

He gets colder every day. I see him cling to you, but you look on contemptuously. He seeks warmth. He seeks comfort. You merely strike him down. It breaks my heart to see him lie there, tears turning to ice on his face. I ache to sweep him to his feet and kiss the hurt from him. But I cannot. I cannot while he still fucking stays near you. Leave him be! You do not love him. To you he is a toy, a beautiful toy. When you get tired of him, you will discard him, broken and filthy.

I’ve seen you play with him. I’ve seen him screech out cries of hurt, bound to the floor while you brutally pound into him. I see the hurt in his eyes. I see you make him scream out involuntarily with pleasure. I see the lust in your eyes. You won’t let him be until you are satiated . It wouldn’t be like that if he were with me. I would be gentle.. He would scream out my name in pleasure, not yours in fear.. And afterwards I would wrap him in soft blankets, not leave him on the floor crying in a puddle of blood and cum.

I see everything you do.

Watch for me.

For I shall come to reclaim what is mine.

Watch for me.


Jun. 25th, 2006 09:40 am
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Hi I'm Marina and I die over Link/Sheik. I go crazy, I've even made up a million reasons why Sheik is a boy. Err I lack in pictures, sorry... Buut I do have fics! well one fic that my friend and I are writing, it's a bit of a crack!fic though so yeaahh. I don't particularly write fics unless if someone throws one at me or the idea is stuck in my head and I can't get anyone else to do it. :]

ummm I do have other <3 pairings but er yeah won't go into that.

fic coming soon?


P.s. I lack in Link/Sheik icons thanks to my friend who promised me 'em and hasn't made 'em as of yet.


Jun. 9th, 2006 04:58 pm
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I am Saddened. I was browsing AMVs.org for AMVs and I found that they had Legend of Zelda Music Videos. Delightedly, I went browsing through the -admittedly small- collection.

But there was no Shink.

My friends, how can there not be any Shink music videos out there? I have come with the hope that you will be able to help me fix this grevious oversight! Shink must be promoted!

Heres the one I have planned:

Firstly Links running all over Hyrule, fighting monsters and looking for the "person only for him". He overcomes a great number of obsticles, all the time looking for Sheik. Eventually he finds him and is very happy. But Sheik, fearing it can never be disapears with one of his Deku nuts. Link is left all alone in the middle of Hyrule feild crying bitterly as the sun sets.

Second: Link is Dreaming about all of their times together and then Sheik "turns" into Zelda. In the end he wakes up (clip from the very beginning) and is bewildered and sad. In another time Sheik whispers up in the trees, for he knows it must be... He would dearly love to be witrh his Hero but it cannot be...

Anywho, I have no idea how to get these clips ^^''
Thats where you people come in. I would be deeply indebted to anyone who can get ANY of these clips ^.~

ANYTHING of Sheik. - Theres not much to work with but theres got to be something in there that I can use!

Young Link Waking up- this would be great because its the only clip of him waking up ^^''

Link and Sheik sparring in Hyrule (super smash brothers) - Very useful. They need more contact DAMMIT!

Link running around pretty much everywhere and fightiing stuff- Yeeeeah this is what the games mainly comprised of so it won't be too hard ^^;;

Thanks loads people. I'm off to go see if I can scrounge some clips from somewhere ^.^ Please tell me what you think ^.~

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I was goofing off on DevArt, and I came across a comic. What it was of is really not important (though for the record it was damn funny), but as I was reading, I came across a bit of information that I had not been exposed to previously. I wasn't sure if it's true or if the artist was just goofing off. So...

Is Link really left-handed?

And can somebody please explain what a 'koma' is to me? No habla Japanese. ...I assume it's Japanese.

About the contests... )


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