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Has anyone played the Wii Virtual Console version of Ocarina of Time? If so, did you like it? Dislike it? Good port? Bad port?

I ask because the holidays are approaching and I need advice. My last/current console is the SuperNES, which tells you just how far behind I am.  The Wii seems like a good idea because it covers the bulk of the games I really want to play (especially OOT, for reasons I will assume are obvious) and is easier than tracking down both older consoles and older games.

I'm also considering PC emulation, but I really prefer my games on a TV screen, where they belong. :)

Any input, ideas, suggestions, thoughts are welcome. Thank you!
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i know in the legend of zelda sheik is zelda ( a girl) but i wuz wondering if the community will accept yoai ( link and male sheik) or if you guys accept hetro ( link and female sheik)  just asking

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Heya, all, I'm Ashe. I'm 21 and I've been a fan of this pairing for quite some time now but I've avoided writing it actually. My great fear is the characterization of both Link and Sheik, since for the most part they are ambiguous. But I'm slowly hedging into some Shink lovin' and hope to share the love when I get it done.

Intro posts are intrinsically awkward. I have nothing to offer but... um... hugs? And I suppose I could dig up some candy around here somewhere...


Jan. 12th, 2008 01:36 pm
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So I was told that in the , it points to that Sheik and Zelda may infact not be the same person. And I was all like, "OMG YAY I SHALL NOW READ IT AND SQUEE"

So I read it, and I don't get how people get that it hints to NotZelda!Sheik. Except the fact that it totally PWNS the "Um, sheik izz a gurll" Theory that dumb people insist on telling me. And that Sheik's personality is WAYY different than Zelda's.

But if there's is some like hidden subliminal message or what not saying "Zelda is not Sheik, honestly peole." would someone point it out to me?

By the way, game is wayyy better than the manga. Except the fact how cute Link is in the manga. :3 [and how omgdropdeadgorgeous Sheik is]

Anywhoway, I was wondering. Would someone like to be a beta for me? I'm almost done with a sorta Shinkish one-shot as we speak.  And if you're worried to be my beta because there's a chance that I'm nothing but a nooob and can't write for shiz [I had to beta for one of those before. Oh, god did it hurt. She just could not write] Here's a preview so you can judge for yourself

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Anyway on another topic, who all here has gotten Twilight Princess? It's now out for T3h Cube and all...I'm really enjoying it :) It's cool like Ocarina of Time (only with lovely graphics), and is easy to control like Windwaker.


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Have you ever started a response to a deviant Art or Live Journal post and just had it grow completely out of control? What began as a quick comment becomes an essay, and you're left going, "Man, I can't post this. What the heck?"

The following contains a little exploration into the Sheik=Zelda issue that was going to go somewhere on dA until I decided it wasn't the place for it. I may get a little hell for this, especially here, but guys, we know Sheik is Zelda. We like to pretend he isn't, and I have nothing against that. But to what degree, and how? I get a little carried away, below.

(Though I don't write, I do support LXS, or I wouldn't be here to begin with, so while my theory supports slashriffic intentions, you could replace all references to hot boy on boy smex with references to friendship and camaraderie, and I suppose my point would still be valid. I guess. *insert exaggerated eyerolling here*)

Read more... )

Just some thoughts I have. I curious as to what the rest of the fandom thinks.
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So, a group poll to keep it alive!

Before LinkxSheik contaminated your brain, what pairing were you in favor of? I was a biiiig (I still support, but not so much now) LinkxZelda fan back in the day. I read and wrote horrible fanfiction, the whole shazzam!
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A message posted on the Zelda yaoi Yahoo! group got me thinking a little.

I ask you, fic writers and readers alike, what is your favorite characterization of Link and Sheik? C'mon, talk to me. I want to know. I'm asking this because every writer has his/her own interpretation of them and I think that's very interesting. :O

What's the personality, sense of humor, the little quirks you like to give them? They're practically a blank canvas in that sense, Link doesn't really have an in-game personality and Sheik doesn't even have a past. Also, there are a lot of theories concerning Sheik's "origin", but what's your favorite?

How do you see their relationship? The interaction can be different depending on what personality you give them. It can be lovey-dovey, snarky, serious, light-hearted... etc. Do you prefer love at first sight or a slower approach?
Sexually speaking, is one of them more dominant, or would you rather see them as equals?

Feel free to include Zelda in the discussion, too. Do you shove her aside, make her the bad guy, a good friend or anything else?

Get long-winded if you want, write a frickin' bible, I don't care. In fact, I'd love that.

Sorry if this is a retarded question or if my english sucks. Yeah. D:
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Just as a quick, stupid, random question; does anyone really know how Sheik's clothes come off?


It's been giving me all sorts of issues. Speaking of issues, I am in the process of finishing up my contest fic and will be posting it as soon as I have [livejournal.com profile] lady_noremon's ok. My advice to all of you is to escape while you still can.

I would also like to add that I am the QUEEN of pointless posts. My apologies.


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