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"One pic of our Ocarina style shoot in the Otway rainforest!"

{ http://cielrose.tumblr.com/post/76570021161/link-me-sheik-ryo-photo-k-one-pic-of-our }
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So hi, new person. I don’t actually use livejournal but it seemed silly to check this page every week or so...so here I am. No longer stalking from the fringes of the internets!

Being Halloween-time I figured I’d post pictures of my Sheik Halloween costume, ‘cause other than that I don’t have anything to post O.o

And this year I was "bloody-beaten-up-Sheik" but I don't really have any good ones...

I'm kind of proud of the makeup-ness:

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Because I love you guys I felt I needed to share the thing I found today while looking for someplace that would just sell a Roxas jacket and not the pants.....

Someone commissioned LimeBarb to make a full Sheik costume :3

I would love to know what it cost to have made....

The only thing I don't like is the mantel/cowl part, and the colours are just so bright looking...

Also the Sheik wig/headwrap-thing on a stick amuses me in a way it shouldn't >.>

This is not as cool as the doujinshi [personal profile] salsa_ishida found however, as that is full of pure win.
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So I recently attended Ikasucon as Sheik, with a Link~ I figured all of you deserved to see pictures- even if I can't find those that are Sheik/Link in appearance~!

Play the Melody and follow me~ )
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There was a awesome Sheik cosplayer at  PortCon this year, and my friend was good enough to take me pictures (well one is from one of her friends).

*flash* )

Lots of hugs to Armadei!

I should also say that this is definatly NOT me. I just figured I'd share since Sheik cosplayers seem to be rare (I've only seen 3, and one of them is a member of this community)!

I personally cosplay as Killua Zaoldyeck. I am also in the process of having a Izumi Konata outfit soon...and will be trying to attend PortCon2008, and I also have a Alphonse/Edo outfit from a few years ago. I am waay to clumsy to cosplay Sheik. [I might try a Red Link romp in the near future however]
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Greetings all. I am one of the (to the best of my knowledge) rarer male fans of Sheik x Link. I recently have been replaying OoT and reliving my adoration of this pairing, and I'm in the middle of some fanfiction and fanart. Sharing will commence soon, hopefully... providing procrastination does not eat my soul. Recently I actually did a cosplay of Sheik at Anime North 2006. If you're interested, here's a link to the entry in my personal LJ where I've posted a few pics:


Unfortunately my quest for temporary blond hair failed miserably, so I was a redhaired Sheik. But otherwise it wasn't too bad. I did manage to get a few pictures taken with a Link, but I haven't been able to get them uploaded yet.

Anyways, I am introduced now. :) Thank you!

~ Arien


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