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Author: [livejournal.com profile] vatelle
Title: Conquering

Category: Fanfiction
Pairings/Characters: Sheik/Link
Rating: PG
Word Count: 600
Song: No More - Three Days Grace (Youtube with lyrics)
Notes: It's based around two scenes: Kakariko Village and then the last meeting in the Temple of Time. I cut out a lot of the dialogue because of the word count.

Well I'm sorry for the late entry. My gosh... time just flew by @_@ 
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] lady_noremon
Category: fanart -- SAMPLE ENTRY/POST
Song: "Sweet Demure" -- Beats Antique
Rating: G
Note: Just a sample post/entry to help peeps along.

Sleeping in some-sort of hammock...

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Minuet of Spring Contest 2012:

What You Have To Do:

Write or draw something for the Shink [Sheik/Link or Link/Sheik or however you want to put it ;)] pairing--there are some catches though~:

            ▲ Each submission must be at-or-under 600x600pixels [click here to see what that looks like] or at-or-under 600words.
            ▲ Each submission must be inspired by a song in some way.
                        → Not quite/necessarily a songfic, just a song as a overall theme/idea/inspiration**.
            ▲ Each submission is to be posted between May 22ND & June 22ND, 2012 [one month!]

There will be two categories***. One for fan fiction, and one for fan art. You may enter one, or both categories if you wish, but please only one submission per category!

Posting Format: [please simply make a post in sheikxlink_fc& do not link to your own journal or another website****]

Each post must have "Minuet of Spring Contest 2012" in the entry title, along with the category you are submitting for ["fanfic" or "fanart"], and your user-name [find-out how to do this here]. And tagged with "contest: minuet of spring 2012".

Then fill-out the following & place it at the start of the post:

Song: title -- artist

Also please put your submission under a lj-cut [find-out how to do this here]! Finally if the content is at or above a 'Teen' rating, please Friend-Lock it***** :)


After everyone has posted their entry, I will go through and number each one and put-together a Poll and I will keep the Poll open for two weeks. Please vote for a winner & a runner-up for each of the two categories.

Winners & Prizes:

Each category will have a winner & a runner-up as decided by the members of [livejournal.com profile] sheikxlink_fc.

The prizes to choose from are:

A commissioned fanfiction by [livejournal.com profile] vatelle,
A commissioned fanart/fanfiction by [livejournal.com profile] lady_noremon,
A Shink button or magnet,
A 2 months paid subscription for LiveJournal or 500 LJ Tokens

OR if someone else wants to volunteer. Remember that is you volunteer to provide a prize, you can still participate in the contest :D
It is up to the winners & their chosen prize provider to communicate with each other to work out the prize.

**An idea from [livejournal.com profile] arora_kayd!
***Will be singularised like last time if only fanfiction entries are posted!
****Makes it easier if everything is all together, and for any back-ups. I apologise for those that prefer to have stuff elsewhere only. And to be more annoying, please don't lock entries here to comments just for the contest.
*****Already a community rule!~
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Getting this out again at a time hopefully people will see. I think I will post a contest post up tomorrow (today I was busy because the place I live at had no hot water). I don't know if people will participate, and I admit I am anxious since no-one replied to the last post, but if it is up then it is up.

It will run from tomorrow until at least either June 22ND, or whenever my 3DS gets back from repairs (it & my RAZR V3c are what I usually Internet with). But again I need to know who would be willing to offer any prizes/prises! [livejournal.com profile] vatelle has offered their services (I hope you still plan to! And do you mean writing, art, or both?!), and I listed previously what I will offer too. But if anyone else would wish to, please let me know so I can include you!
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There hasn't been any suggestions on the previous post**, and only 3 people volunteering prizes, and I've left plenty of time (more than I planned due to life things), and so I have a question:

Should I just pop a contest post up anyway [With the same rules as last time! And hope people participate, and whut-whut]?

If so, how does the 21ST of May until the 21ST*** of June sound [And then 2 weeks of voting (more if another tie), and then announcing the winners]?

** http://sheikxlink_fc.livejournal.com/125888.html

***The 21ST also happens to be my 24TH birthday.

And unrelated I am taking $5 commissions to help with a veterinary bill: { http://lady-noremon.livejournal.com/527281.html }
And also have a 3DS (0903-3278-0830) & an "Animal Crossing: Wild World" (3740-5355-9079) Friend Code.
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I apologise for not posting for awhile. If have been dealing with a lot of stressful things & health-issues (not really major!), so haven`t had much chance or capacity.

Anyway; help working-out things for the contest is still needed! Volunteering prises/prizes, and with input on how it should be set-up. I`d link to the previous LiveJournal entry on this, but I`m on my RAZR so I will have to edit this later.

Thank-you, you wonderful lot! You really are fantastic.


Posted via m.livejournal.com.



I know it says April 4TH, but things of course have been extended. I don't know when would be a good time to hopefully plan to start it, but first let's do the working-out!

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...I have "I Want Your Sex" stuck in my head, which is the tune I typed that title to, so yeah ^^; Kaido Kio is my default user-picture, so blame that.

ANYWAY! Happy first day of spring :D (for those in the Northern Hemisphere, 'in any case' ^^;)! Since it seems like you wonderful lot want a contest (according to the poll at http://sheikxlink_fc.livejournal.com/2012/03/11 ), then there shall be a contest~ So that means we need to work things out for it.

So there shall be a 2012 Minuet of Spring contest. Physical and non-physical prises/prizes seem to be tied, so how does a choice like last time sound? [livejournal.com profile] vatelle has offered their services (and so do I), but would anyone else like to volunteer anything? Art, writing, unlimited rice pudding, et cetera, et cetera? If you would like to, just leave a comment in this post saying what :) I personally will be offering art, writing, a Shink button like last time, and/or a 2 months paid subscription for LiveJournal. Sadly doujinshi for this are too rare & expensive to offer :(

Next I would like to know if the 2009 format** was alright? 600 words or 600x600 pixels were the maximum limits. The point of that was to have a bunch of short/small entries that wouldn't be daunting, and kinda fit in with it being for spring. Would you like a different set-up? Should tge limits be higher, or lower? Should there be an added theme? Last time an entry had to be based on a song, was that alright? Here is the opportunity to let me/everyone know!!!

I would like to get everything organised within the next 2 weeks so that it could be opened around April 4TH (04-04), and run until May 5TH (05-05) if there are no objections. So please spread the word around!


** http://sheikxlink-fc.livejournal.com/95678.html <--- 2009 rules are there


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