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:p Ok here people. The contest has closed, and its time to get those votes in! elvendragonrider@gmail.com

Just a friendly reminder

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Ok below the cut is my entry for the "Candle" challenge ^_^

Yes it was kinda put together quickly, but I think it looks ok for me to enter.

s all blurry because I find light from candles makes stuff blur, instead of distinct ^^;

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Fandom: LoZ, OoT
Characters: Link/Sheik
Rating: PG to PG-13, not really sure.
Summary: He will not suffer to have Sheik wandering around this broken realm, carrying only a candle to ward off the dark.
A/N: So...candles, then? I can do candles! Really! I can! For the contest. Fic title blatantly stolen from an Audioslave song. Blood, death, all that good stuff. Follow the link for Ficcie.

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Well heres a response to my challenge to try and encourage you guys to do your own ^^'' that and Declan and Zulith released this bunny while I was trying to sleep

*points at muses* I BLAME THEM!

Candle Drabble )

Title: Candles
Author: ReiSilverfang
Beta: none. Any and all glaring mistakes are my own ^^''
Disclaimer: I held Navi for ransom, but everybody was glad to see her go. So no go. I dont own Zelda.
Rating: PG kissing, but nothing more dodgy than that. It does the classic 'fade to black' before any of the nekkidness ^^;; I couldn't resist.
Wordcount: 480. Blah, its short. But what can you expect from a drabble?
Summary: A fluff drabble. No point and no plot, except to have these boys kiss. And let face it, with all the angst flying around in here, they need it ^^

Link stared at the candle flame, a small smile playing on his lips. He loved candles… they had such a soft light, and they made the shadows dance, twisting and contorting until you couldn’t see where one began and the other ended.

His smile widened, and he blew softly, making the small flame flicker and bounce of the Master Sword, making pools of light on the wall. Link’s wandering mind landed on Sheik, and grinned as he thought about how much the candle was like the Sheikah.

Sheik was mysterious, just like the flame. He flickered in and out of Link’s life like the candle, apt to disappear at anytime.

Sheik was warmth, and Link loved to cuddle up to his warm body on the cold nights. When the wind howled down he was snug and safe in Sheik’s arms, utterly content.

Sheik was knowledge, and he banished the fear of the unknown when he was around, like the light banished the groping dark.

Sheik was comfort, and when Link thought he had failed, when he was hurt and alone… He would cry out his fear and anger, and Sheik would hold him, and he would stare, mesmerized, into the crimson orbs. They would steadily hold his gaze until he was calm again.

Sheik was quiet; the one who would appear out of nowhere and a touch, a smile, a gesture, made Link know he was pleased to see him.

Sheik was happiness, a flickering pleasure in the world of darkness that he was forced to fight in. A quick smile or nod from Sheik and Link thought he would burst with joy.

Sheik was a pull; Link was drawn to him, just as he had always been drawn to candles ad fire, almost with a childish delight.

Link felt a hand snaking around his waist, and a low voice purring in his ear.

“A rupee for your thoughts Hero?”

Link smiled and answered without turning around “I was just thinking you and the candle are so alike.”

A nose buried in his hair, inhaling his scent. “That’s an odd thing to think about”

“I know…but I cant help it…I love you Sheik. So much. I was beginning to think you weren't going to come.”

Butterfly kisses on the back of his neck. “You know I would never abondon you like that Hero”

Link suddenly turned around, enloping Sheik in a tight embrace. The Sheikah smoothed Link’s hair out of his eyes and looked at him, crimson eyes sparkling with love.

No more words needed to be exchanged, the Sheikah and the Hero not needing such clumsy sounds to say anything. Soft touches and quick glances told them all they needed to know.

Sheik softly smiled and blew out the candle before he too wrapped his arms around the Hero, so tightly that you could not tell where one ended and the other started.

Just like the shadows.

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[Le guilty cough]. Heh, apologies everyone for dying for a while...I'd forgotten just how much time college and exams took up. But, when I saw this new challenge, I just couldn't help myself!

Title: Ephemeral
Rating: PG (nothing graphically mentioned)
Warnings: Character death, author trying to be all artsy and focusing on 'atmosphere' [grins], angst
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Hi ladies and slashers, it has come to my attention that the comm's a bit... dead at the moment ^^''. I was chatting with Arora_Kayd on MSN and she said that the comm needed a contest to give it a bit of a boost and I offered to do one... and here it is ^.~ Come on guys! Enter and lets have lots of new Sheik/Link fics and pretty art!

(there will be a doodle pic announcing the contest here. Unfortunately we are moving house soon,and it will be a couplre of days before I put it in ^^'')

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