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Yay! I finished that picture I promised I'd do. But this time, I got off of my lazy but and actually DREW it, instead of doodling on MS Paint. *Hits self*

Click for pic! )

Looking forward to trying to draw further pictures of Sheik ( I MANAGED TO DRAW HIM ALL PROPER THIS TIME!! <333 ) and Link. ^^
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Just a quick little thing that's been bugging me for a while and I finally doodled on MS Paint. Although I think I might do a proper drawing and include Sheik. So consider this... a preview? xD

Love + triforce~ )
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Me and my dear friend Rei Silverfang bring you ( Badly ) drawn pictures of Link and Sheik that we drew on our Chalk Day. Basically, you get chalk and get to draw all over the pavement. It's really very fun. Like grafetti, but it washes off.

Anyway, click the cut:

Link Sheik; survives the elements! PLUS: EDIT. )

By 'survived all elements' I mean that even after it rained, the pictures didn't wash away~

EDIT: I made the pictures bigger, so you can see. <3333''

` Caddles.
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I have a little Zelda widget that lets a little Skeik plushie hang around on my desktop and I really wanted another one so I could stick a Link one next to him. ~<3
After a bit of fiddling and copy-pasting into paint, this was as good as I got. ^.^
*Please note the Faerie is not a plushie. She's a different widget.*
DISCLAIMER: None of the widgets / art above belong or were made by me. I'm not that talented.


And my art post? I promised Tigernz that I would art post sooner or later. I tried and tried for AGES; Sheik's hair just bothered me, my pencil hand wouldn't make it look good. Eventually I tore a hole after erasing hair for the millionith time, so my kwoote little SheikxLink chibi picture is binned ( Literally ). So I drew another and was pleased about how Sheik came out! I'm pleased the way the eyes came out too. 8D
When I get better at drawing, I will make this better by adding HANDS ( My weakness. Can't draw the blinking things. o_o'' ) and possibly good HAIR.
Anyway, enough tormenting you with my long descriptions; here it is. ^.^''


Try not to faint; I know the triangles on Sheik's clothing are RED not BLUE. I realised too late and drew a blank.
Tell me what you think of it? Thanks!

- Caddles.
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Um... hey? I'm Caddyl and I joined because of Rei. It's all her fault! D<

Just kidding. Um, I have Ocarina of Time ( Haven't finished it; still sadly stuck in teh Forest Temple! o_o ) and I have guessed the fact that Zelda is Sheik purely by guess. It was kind of sad, really. I ruined it for myself. I still reckon that Sheik is a boy. Because he looks like one. :'D

Um, I'll try to post art. I have drawn shonen-ai before and I'm sure I could do some of LinkxSheik if I really tried. I'll try fic, but as I don't know anything of Sheik's personality, it'll be BAD.

I'll read some of Rei's and try to follow her lead. x3

Heck, I'll read 'em all. I'll go crazy on Fanfic. @w@

- Caddles.


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